Center for Relaxation & Healing
Michele B. Granberg, MA, Director
666 Plainsboro Road, Bldg 600, Ste 635
Plainsboro NJ 08536

I am thankful to Michele for showing me how to embrace the meaning and importance of Reiki.  The experience has changed my life. I credit Michele's gift as a teacher, mentor and guide.  I realize there are many places available as well as books and the Internet that offer the experience to learn this amazing practice. But I feel fortunate and blessed that I was guided to Michele's program and given the opportunity to learn from her.  Now I am finally aware that my life is moving on a spiritual path, I look forward to future opportunities to learn and grow at the Center. Thank you for helping me begin this amazing journey ...Lydia Malcolm, Reiki Master student, November 2010

The Center has enabled me to connect with like-minded people, personal spiritual growth and make new friends. Thank you for the support, healing and relaxation of self discovery.  I am so grateful for the center....Jennifer Turner, February 2015

I studied Reiki I and II under Michele in 2008 and 2009. Both workshops were enlightening and strengthening, and left me with a sense of peace and joy. I learned much from Michele's training as she took a down to earth approach that made age old concepts easily digested and understood. She is a bright light and a breeze to learn from as she covered every point thoroughly and slowly, always encouraging her students' participation. She also had a kind and understanding spirit and welcomed questions from her students with great patience and understanding. I am confident that I have a strong understanding of Reiki because of her teachings...Maria Gullo, Reiki II student, 2009

I am so glad that I discovered Center for R & H.  It is truly the hub for spiritual community that I have been looking for.  The programs are eye-opening and the teachers are so knowledgeable.  I highly recommend all that the center has to offer.  I know that I have become a more relaxed, center edand yet more productive individual because of what I have learned there.....Melissa Worthington, February 2015

I am a regular attendee at Center for Relaxation & Healing.  The programs have been helping me to develop and trust my intuition and connect to my Spirit. I now believe and know firsthand that I am a worth and divine being. The center is truly a place of self-discovery where people are encouraged to explore their spiritual nature....Wilma Freed, February 2015

After discovering Center for Relaxation & Healing in May 2014, my life completely began to transform.  Through various workshops and readings, I have experienced tremendous spiritual growth. The instructors, healers, and participants have been truly exceptional and inspirational. I travel from Delaware every weekend to continue this amazing journey!....Angela Trani ..February 2015

After my first visit to Center for Relaxation & Healing, I knew I had found something special.  An amazing group of caring practitioners all under one roof - so many wonderful choices!  If you want to bring more peace, beauty, healing and relaxation into your life then you must explore the center for yourself. - J. Jones - Feb. 2006

Amazing things have been happening to me since I started coming to the center.  I know its due to all the things that I have been learning and all the meaningful connections that I have been making there.  Thank you so much for creating such a special place....Lauren LeClair, March 2011

I came to your group meditation last night, my experience was the BEST yet!  I have a tendency to "over think" things...and then beat myself up because I cannot do it, but your group became an exception.  Last night for the first time in a year or two I slept ALL night, thanks I am SURE to your ability to GUIDE the meditation...Cindy Frizzel, Sept. 2010

Thanks goes to Michele for creating the healing center.  You put thought, love and energy into every aspect of the business and it shows.  I'm sure everyone who attends recognize that at some level, even if they don't express it. ...Ellen Tozzi, August 2006

As a business woman in the sales and marketing field, I live the typical life of juggling home and work responsibilities.  Center for Relaxation & Healing has been a beautiful haven - a simple and accessible "getaway" for me to balance my life and do something for ME.  I have found a place which helps me integrate meditation, yoga, and positive spiritual energy into my life.  I believe we ALL need a place like the center....Wendy Williams, JR Resources