Center for Relaxation & Healing
Michele B. Granberg, MA, Director
666 Plainsboro Road, Bldg 600, Ste 635
Plainsboro NJ 08536

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Anthony Dissen
Anthony Dissen Qigong Workshop - August 2013
Jessica McKay
Jessica McKay Tarot Wisdom Workshop - May 2013
Shelley Massingill
Shelley Massingill Beyond Positive Affirmations - August 2013
Sangita Patel
Sangita Patel Qigong Workshop March 2013
Reiki Level I
Reiki Level I February 2013
Mark Van Der Gaag & Michele B. Granberg
Mark Van Der Gaag & Michele B. Granberg The Miracle Mind Workhshop June 2013
Janis Alber Groppi
Janis Alber Groppi Monthly Crystal Singing Bowls Guided Meditation
Franne & Bob Demetrician
Franne & Bob Demetrician Intro to Infinite Possibilities - April 2013
Kaleo Wheeler
Kaleo Wheeler Introduction to Hawaiian Hula Dance
Gary & Mary O'Brien
Gary & Mary O'Brien The Teachings of Dzar - Channeling session - April 2013
Don Julio & Michele B. Granberg, Ownerf
Don Julio & Michele B. Granberg, Ownerf Shamanic Reiki Healing Group Session - June 2013
Christi Maybo
Christi Maybo Christi teaches spiritual principles